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Chinese & Canadian Dishes

A Midland institution for over 25 years, Bleu Garden offers fresh and delicious Chinese & Canadian cuisine that is wok-cooked and served at the speed of fast food. Bleu Garden presents an exciting array of appetizers, soups and combos for your enjoyment, as well as combination dinners, sweet & sour dishes and a variety of chow Mein and egg foo yong selections. With hundreds of taste-tempting dishes to choose from, you’re sure to find something to please any appetite. Please browse our menus below and give us a call for fast delivery or carryout service, or join us for lunch or dinner.


Crispy Spring Rolls (two) 3.95

Egg Roll (each) 1.50

Deep Fried Wontons 5.95

Cream Cheese Wontons (6 pcs.) 4.99

Deep Fried Wings 9.75

Spicy Ginger Wings 10.95

Barbecued Pork 8.50


Chicken Mushroom Soup 3.75

Chicken Noodle Soup 3.75

Chicken Rice Soup 3.75

Egg Drop Soup 3.75

Wonton Soup 3.75

Wonton Egg Noodle Soup 8.95

Hot & Sour Soup 4.50

Seafood or Chicken Rice Noodle Soup (spicy) 8.95

Tom Yum Soup (Seafood or Chicken) 8.95

Vietnamese Beef or Chicken Pho 8.95

Yet Ca Mein Soup 8.95

(Add Dry Noodle .50 Extra)

Chop Suey & Chow Mein

Beef 7.50

Chicken 7.50

Pork 7.50

Shrimp 8.95

Egg Foo Yong

Beef Egg Foo Yong 7.95

Chicken Egg Foo Yong 7.95

B.B.Q. Pork Egg Foo Yong 7.95

Shrimps Egg Foo Yong 8.95

Special Egg Foo Yong 8.95


Beef, Chicken or Pork Lo Mein 8.95

Cantonese Chow Mein 10.95

Shrimp Lo Mein 10.95

Singapore Noodle 10.95

Fried Vermicelli with Seafood or Chicken 10.95

Fried Rice Noodle with Soya Sauce 10.95

(Chicken or Seafood)

Chicken or Shrimp Pad Thai 10.95

Fried E-Fu Noodle with Bacon & Vegetables 10.95

Cantonese Fried Thick Noodle (Chicken or Shrimp) 10.95

Curry Dishes

Curry Beef 9.95

Curry Chicken 9.95

Curry Pork 9.95

Curry Shrimps 10.95

Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour Boneless Spareribs 7.95

Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls 9.25

Sweet & Sour Shrimps 10.95

Sweet & Sour Sauce 1.50

(All orders above with Pineapple 1.00 extra)

Honey Garlic Dishes

Honey Garlic Chicken Balls 9.25

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings 9.95

Honey Garlic Shrimps 10.95

Honey Garlic Spareribs 10.50

Honey Garlic Sauce 1.50


Chicken Fried Rice 7.50

Beef Fried Rice 7.50

B.B.Q. Pork Fried Rice 7.50

Bacon Fried Rice 7.50

Shrimp Fried Rice 8.95

Hawaiian Fried Rice 8.95

Special Yen Chow Fried Rice 8.95

Steamed Rice (per Bowl) 2.25

Vegetables & Almonds

Beef Vegetable & Almonds 8.95

Chicken Vegetable & Almonds 8.95

Pork Vegetable & Almonds 8.95

Shrimp Vegetable & Almonds 9.95

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please advise of any food allergies upon ordering.


Vegetable Soup 4.25

Hot & Sour Vegetable Soup 4.25

Vegetables & Noodles in Soup 7.95

Diced Vegetables & Almonds 8.50

Curry Vegetables 8.50

Mixed Chinese Vegetables 8.50

Mixed Vegetables with Tofu 8.50

Fried Tofu with Spicy Ginger Sauce 8.50

Kung Po Tofu 8.50

Vegetarian Singapore Noodles 8.95

Fried E-Fu Noodles with Vegetables 8.95

Cantonese Vegetarian Thick Noodles 8.95 

Fried Vermicelli with Vegetables 8.50

Vegetable Fried Rice Noodles with Soya Sauce 8.50

Vegetable Chow Mein 6.95

Vegetable Egg Foo Yong 7.25

Vegetable Lo Mein (Noodle) 7.95

Stir Fried Broccoli 7.95

Stir Fried Chinese Green (Bok Choy) 7.95

Plain Lo Mein 5.95

Vegetable Fried Rice 6.95

Mushroom Fried Rice 6.95

Plain Fried Rice 5.95

Vegetarian Pan Thai 8.95

Above orders with steamed rice add $1.00


Chef’s Salad 4.75

Salad Plate (Ham, Chicken, or Beef) 8.50

Specials of the House for One (No substitutions)

No. 1 ....8.50

Egg Roll

Chicken Fried Rice

Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs

No. 2 ....8.50

Egg Roll

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Chow Mein

No. 3 ....8.50

Egg Roll

Chicken Fried Rice

Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls

No. 4 ....8.50

Egg Roll

Chicken Fried Rice

Deep Fried Chicken Wings

No. 5 ....8.50

Chicken Chow Mein

Chicken Fried Rice

Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls

No. 6 ....8.50

Egg Roll

Chicken Fried Rice

Beef Vegetable & Almonds

No. 7 ....8.50

Beef & Broccoli

With BBQ Pork

And Steamed Rice

No. 8 ....8.50

Egg Roll

Chicken Fried Rice

BBQ Pork Egg Foo Yong

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please advise of any food allergies when ordering.

Family Dinners

Dinner for 2........$23.99

2 Egg Rolls

Chicken Chow Mein

Sweet & Sour Spareribs

(substitute chicken

balls add $1.50)

Chicken Fried Rice

Dinner for 3........$33.99

3 Egg Rolls

Chicken Chow Mein

Beef with Diced Vegetables & Almonds

Sweet & Sour Spareribs

(substitute chicken balls add $1.50)

Chicken Fried Rice

Dinner for 4........$45.00

4 Egg Rolls

Chicken Chow Mein

Beef with Diced Vegetables & Almonds

Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls

Breaded Shrimps

Chicken Fried Rice

Dinner for 5........$55.00

5 Egg Rolls

Chicken Chow Mein

Beef with Diced Vegetables

& Almonds

Beef & Green Peppers

Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls

Honey Garlic Spareribs

Chicken Fried Rice

Dinner for 6........$65.00

6 Egg Rolls

Chicken Chow Mein

Dai Dop Woey

Beef with Mushrooms

Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls

Breaded Shrimps

2 Chicken Fried Rice

Dinner for 8........$85.00

8 Egg Rolls

Chicken Chow Mein

2 Chicken Fried Rice

Beef Lo Mein

2 Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls

Koo Loo Pork

Beef with Mixed Vegetables

Chicken with Vegetable & Black Bean Sauce

Party Dinner........$139.99

10 Egg Rolls

Deep Fried Wonton

2 Lemon Chicken

2 Koo Loo Pork

2 Dai Dop Woey

2 Beef with Broccoli

2 Chicken Chow Mein

2 Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls

2 Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Dishes

Lemon Chicken 9.95

Thin slices of Chicken in Light Egg Batter with Green Pepper, Onion & Carrot in Lemon Sauce

Cantonese Style Chicken 9.95

Thin slices of Chicken in Light Egg Batter with Green Pepper & Carrot in Tomato Sauce

General Tao’s Chicken (spicy) 12.95

Lightly Battered Chicken Breast with Spicy Ginger Sauce

Dai Dop Woey 9.95

Chicken, B.B.Q. Pork, Shrimps & Mixed Chinese Greens

Wor Shue Gai 9.95

Crispy Egg Batter, White Chicken Meat served with Little Meat and Vegetable Sauce

Kung Po Chicken(spicy) 9.95

Diced Chicken with Water chestnut, Bamboo Shoots & Peanuts in Spicy Sauce

Soo Guy 9.95

Breaded Chicken with Almonds and Sauce

Moo Goo Guy Pan 9.95

Sliced Chicken, Mushrooms and Chinese vegetables

Moo Goo Guy Kew 9.95

Breaded Chicken Balls, Mushrooms and Mixed Chinese Greens

Chicken with Broccoli 9.95

Chicken with Vegetable & Black Bean Sauce 9.95

Chicken with Pineapple (spicy) 9.95

Diced Chicken with Pineapple, Green Pepper, Onion in Spicy Sauce

Seafood Dishes

Chat Choi Ha Kew 12.95

Fresh Shrimps sautéed with Green Pepper, Onion, Broccoli & Tomato in Oyster Sauce

Breaded Shrimps (with Lemon) 9.95

Fried Shrimps with Black Bean Sauce 10.95

Fried Shrimps & Green Pepper with Tomato Sauce 10.95

Fried Shrimps with Mixed Vegetable 10.95

Kung Po Shrimps (spicy) 10.95

Wor Shrimps Q 10.95

Pork Dishes

B.B.Q. Pork with Chinese Greens 9.95

B.B.Q Pork with Broccoli 9.95

B.B.Q. Pork with Mixed Vegetables 9.95

Pork Tiki Tiki 9.95

Fresh Bean Sprouts, Mushrooms, Sliced Celery & Diced B.B.Q. Pork, served on Crisp Noodles with Toasted Almonds.

Koo Loo Pork (spicy) 9.95

Sweet & Sour Tender Pork with Pineapple, Green Pepper & Onion

Cantonese Style Sweet and Sour Pork 9.95

Thin Slices of Pork in Light Egg Batter with Tomato, Green Pepper & Carrot in Tomato Sauce

Beef Dishes

Beef with Mushrooms 9.95

Beef with Broccoli 9.95

Beef with Tomato 9.95

Beef with Green Peppers 9.95

Beef with Chinese Greens 9.95

Beef with Mix Vegetables 9.95

Beef with Pineapple 9.95

Kung Po Beef (spicy) 9.95

Ginger Beef (spicy) 11.95

Hot & Spicy Beef with Mix Vegetables (spicy) 9.95

Fine Cut Tenderloin Beef sautéed with Choice Assorted Mixed Vegetables in Spicy Sauce.

Chow Ming Yong 9.95

Fine Cut Tenderloin Beef, Bamboo Shoots, Water Chestnuts, Bean Sprouts are sautéed together, then topped with Crisp Rice Noodles.

Beef with Black Bean Sauce 9.95

Beef Tenderloin Slices braised with Soybeans, a touch of Garlic, Sweet Green Peppers and Spiced Soya Sauce.

All above orders with Steam Egg Noodle add $1.50

Or with Steam Rice add $1.00

Steaks & Chops

Served with Daily Vegetable & Fries or Mashed Potato

Ham Steak with Pineapple 11.95

Roast Beef Dinner 14.95

Sausage Dinner 11.95

Hamburg Steak with Onions 11.95

Baby Beef Liver with Onion or Bacon 11.95

Breaded Pork Cutlet 11.95

Sandwiches & Fries

Fries (with gravy .75 extra)  3.75

Poutine (Add Bacon 1.75) 5.95

Onion Rings 4.25

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 3.50 Deluxe 5.75

(Add bacon $1.50)

Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich 4.75 Deluxe 7.95

Tomato & Lettuce Sandwich 3.50 Deluxe 7.95

Bacon, Tomato & Lettuce Sandwich 4.75 Deluxe 7.95

Club House Sandwich 8.50 Deluxe 10.95

Western Sandwich 4.75 Deluxe 7.95

(with cheese .75 extra)

Roast Beef on Bun Sandwich 5.95 Deluxe 8.95

Peameal Sandwich 4.95 Deluxe 8.50

Fish & Chips (Haddock) Deluxe 8.95

Crispy Chicken Fingers Sandwich 5.50 Deluxe 7.95

Hot Sandwiches  Deluxe 9.95

(Beef, Chicken, Hamburger, or Liver)


Hamburger Regular 4.50 Deluxe 6.95

Cheeseburger Regular 5.25 Deluxe 7.95

Bacon Cheeseburger Regular 5.75 Deluxe 8.50

Double Hamburger Regular 7.95 Deluxe 9.75

Double Cheeseburger Regular 8.95 Deluxe 10.75

Double Bacon & Cheeseburger Regular 9.95 Deluxe 11.95

Chicken Burger Regular 5.50 Deluxe 7.95

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